We had planned for a natural birth with our first son. We hired a doula and a midwife, and though our midwife delivered in the hospital, I never imagined anything other than a natural, unmedicated birth.  I think we felt a false sense of safety with the hospital and though we knew things weren't going smoothly in labor, we were shocked when we found ourselves prepping for a cesarean. It turned out to be a typical failure to progress scenario.  My son and I were separated for several hours following the birth, and my husband wasn't allowed to stay with us in the hospital overnight.  When I later asked the OB if she had any idea why I had needed the cesarean, I was even told that it was probably because my pelvis was too small. My son was healthy and amazing, but his birth was a traumatizing experience that left me feeling bereft rather than fulfilled. 
When I became pregnant again, I was determined to give this baby, myself, and our family a better birth. I was hoping dearly for an hbac, and once I had spoken with Jenna, I knew I was lucky to have found her. 
Jenna became the guardian angel of my pregnancy and labor. She listened to us and pinpointed our concerns, providing generous emotional support and real answers; all the while, gently steering us toward our best path. She helped me work through issues that I didn't even know I needed help with.  She addressed my feelings surrounding birth as both a mother and a daughter and was always willing to share her experience. 
Jenna's sage advice and truly careful demeanor are just what we needed in those vulnerable and momentous days of pregnancy and birth. Because I could trust in her expertise and care, I was able to let go and relax the way I needed to. 
Thanks to Jenna's guidance, our second baby was born peacefully in the water at home--at our own pace, without a single intervention! It seemed like she knew just what I was feeling at each point and her calming voice would reassure and guide me through. The experience was more than we had hoped for and beautifully healing.  
What a blessing to give birth at home!
We wish Jenna could help us through all of life's trials!  


We feel so fortunate for choosing Jenna to be our midwife and choosing home birth.


Our homebirthing experience was absolutely incredible. I feel like we couldn't have scripted a better birth...it was that amazing! Jenna has such a calm and confident energy. I never felt afraid, only empowered during Lila's birth.


Jenna was the perfect spiritual guide for Lila's passage into the world. We have experienced extreme postpartum bliss since the birth of our daughter. It's been the best high ever! I know that we have felt so incredibly happy because our birth experience was so perfect. We couldn't recommend Jenna more highly. I won't want anyone else to deliver my babies!!


I was interested in having a homebirth with my first child but ended up instead at a very reputable practice of doctors and midwives. 24 hours into labor, I knew I had made a mistake. I was exhausted and my husband was exhausted, I had no support from whichever doctor or midwife was on call. We had driven to the hospital and back three times, eighty minutes each way, and I was still one centimeter dilated. I was repeatedly offered a C-section or an epidural because my contractions were lasting 5 minutes with a 1 or 2 minute break in between. Despite my hope for a drug-free birth, at 44 hours I did accept an epidural and pitocin. My daughter was born 60 hours after labor began.


Although I ended up with a beautiful, healthy baby and I avoided the standard “failure to progress” C-section, my labor was very much not what I had wanted. I constantly felt that I was inconveniencing my doctors by not consenting to their interventions. I had wanted to plant my daughter’s placenta along with a tree for her but it was thrown into the medical waste receptacle, despite my birth plan stating that I wished to save it.


Thirteen months later I was expecting another baby and in search of a different labor experience. I received Jenna’s phone number from a childbirth educator and from the first conversation, I knew that we were a good fit. I really looked forward to my prenatal visits with her and appreciated her mother-to-mother guidance. Finally I was on the same page with my practitioner about all of the unnecessary routine tests and procedures that healthy women are pressured into throughout their pregnancies.

Laboring with Jenna’s support and guidance was very special. Having complete confidence in her as a midwife gave me the strength that I needed in order to relax and settle into my own rhythm. After a 10 hour labor, in the peace of my home, my son was born. And this time we got to plant the placenta!


People are always confused when they ask how my labor was and I tell them it was wonderful and perfect, that it all made sense this time. Without birthing at home supported by a wonderful midwife, it is impossible to appreciate how natural giving birth really is.

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I am so happy I had the opportunity to have a home birth. 

Having Jenna as my midwife gave me 9 months of piece of mind, knowing that I had a very capable, very knowledgeable, strong and caring woman to help guide me and my baby through this journey. Our monthly visits were relaxed and comforting. Jenna took her time to answer all of our questions and address any concerns we had from the logistical to the emotional and everything in between. On delivery day she was calm and encouraging, helping me to dive deep into my labor to deliver my son into my arms. The laughter and smiles after the birth, and sharing sandwiches at home in the hours that followed will always be a sweet memory. I would recommend using Jenna as a midwife to anyone. I could not have asked for more.


My original plan was to have my baby at a birthing center in Manhattan.  I was working with two lovely midwifes, however, at seven months I began to get frustrated with the lack of attention I was receiving from them.  Their practice was very full and my appointments were often canceled and shortened.  As my due date approached, I began to feel more clear about the circumstances I wanted surrounding my birth.  My husband and I decided that birthing in our home was the best option for us.  After all, I was healthy and a good candidate.  We were fortunate enough, at this point, to find Jenna Houston and asked her to be our midwife.


In retrospect deciding to have a home birth was the best decision my husband and I made.  We felt so lucky to be able to wander our property and be free during labor, it was just what we needed to create a comfortable, relaxing environment during the hardest parts of my labor.

Jenna was the perfect guide through our home birth experience,  She always knew exactly what to say to me in every moment, especially to get me through the more challenging times.  Her nurturing energy and mothering was exactly what I needed during the most primal and raw moments of my life.  I am forever grateful to her!

I love Jenna Houston! and Home birth Rocks!






Five days ago was the birth of my 2nd and 3rd children- yes twins, a boy and a girl. The birthing experience I had with my first child, Tulsi, was the most magical & perfect pregnancy & birth one could ask for. This had a lot to do with my midwife, Jenna Houston. I was referred to her from many moms in the area as an intuitive wise woman with lifetimes of experience. From our first phone conversation I knew she would be perfect. Jenna guided me through my pregnancy with so much love & personal care.  I feel like she is my mother, my grandmother, my sister & my friend. I never doubted or feared anything in my pregnancy and that peace flowed right into my home birth. When I found out I was pregnant with twins I assumed I would have to go to a birthing center or hospital. Jenna told me immediately that it was my choice and she would be more than happy to deliver my twins at home. This was a huge relief to my husband and I because we knew that the hospital model was not going to be in my best interest or that of our children, physically, emotionally & spiritually. We also realized how lucky we were because it is very rare to find a midwife who will deliver twins at home. Again, my whole pregnancy was beautiful and my care was amazing. In the end my twins decided to stay in for almost 42 weeks (a very unheard of situation with twins). Everyone around us was panicking & wanted us to induce. Jenna offered my every possible precaution and we even went into the hospital together to check the babies. Everything was perfect and we went home and continued to wait. The doctor did not want me to leave the hospital but stated that because I was with Jenna he felt totally comfortable. My water broke at 41 weeks and 4 days. My birth experience again was the most beautiful and loving experience. I never had a trace of fear even though my second baby (a boy 8lbs 10 oz!) was breech, and this is because I trust Jenna so completely. I birthed all three of my babies at home in the water. My husband and I are so grateful to Jenna for allowing this beautiful mystery of life to unfold so naturally and beautifully for us.  Our children are very lucky to have had her as their guide into this world. 


We had a truly wonderful birth experience with Jenna! The prenatal home visits were never rushed and meant that we were totally confident that Jenna knew us and our wishes going into the birth.

I was so comfortable with Jenna's presence when I was in labor... she knows exactly the right things to say at the right time! In the 24 hours of my complicated birth I was never once scared because I trusted her experience and judgement implicitly.

We ended up having a non-emergency transfer to Columbia Hospital. Jenna stayed with us and was our advocate for the whole birth, and although our transfer was unplanned, with her support, we still feel like we had an overwhelmingly positive birth experience.


Jenna's postpartum support, knowledge of natural remedies, and always being available at the end of the phone has been invaluable. We will definitely recommend Jenna and would like to work with her again in the future.


After experiencing three all natural births in a hospital, I was still desperate to try a home birth with our final child; words cannot fairly describe my complete satisfaction now that that wish has been realized.

Though I have very few complaints about my experiences of birthing in a hospital the two things that were very unsettling for me were (1) my oldest son and mother missed the birth because the maternity ward was closed upon their arrival and they had to walk all the way around the hospital to the emergency room entrance and (2) the inability to give birth in the water.  Although I was able to labor in a tub and I enjoyed it tremendously, when it came time for my body to bring the baby into the world I was interrupted and escorted down a hallway and back to my room and bed in order to complete the act.  That never sat well with me.



Giving birth in the comfort of my own home without disruption was truly magical.  Having my four and six year old sons within feet of me gave me a strength that I never knew a human being was capable of having; it enabled me to remain totally calm and to surrender to the intensity of the labor pains in order to make my boys feel comfortable with the experience.  Hearing my husband, mother, sons and midwife praising my efforts and cheering me on gave me inspiration and determination to make them all proud.


I will never ever forget this experience for as long as I live and I am forever grateful to myself and my husband for educating ourselves about home birth and for seeking out a licensed midwife that could help us make our dream a reality.  Even though our boys chose not to watch their baby brother exit the birth canal, they were able to run over to my side just seconds after he slipped into the world and up onto my chest. 


What impressed me most about Jenna was her confidence not only in her own abilities as a midwife but in the woman’s body in general when it comes to knowing how to birth a baby and providing an environment most conducive to allowing the female body to do what it was created to do; give birth in a natural, serene manner.

I really appreciated how mindful Jenna was of personal space and how she allowed me to labor how I saw best without making unsolicited suggestions or giving “one-size-fits-all” advice.  She was able to read my body language perfectly without me even saying a word.  When I felt like the intensity of contractions was more than I could handle she would simply breathe along with me and it provided the perfect motivation to keep going.


When the baby emerged into the water Jenna gingerly caught him and then invited me to reach down and bring him to my chest; I think it was so courteous of her to allow me to play such a huge role in welcoming my baby into the world.  I loved that I was able to nurse him while still in the water and while the cord was still attached to him.  There was no sense of urgency or feeling rushed. 


Our baby is so calm and easy-going and I know this is directly related to the manner in which he arrived in the world; easy come and easy go!  I highly recommend that all women educate themselves about the various birthing options and I encourage them to seriously consider home birth; for me I would never give birth in a hospital again after having the euphoric experience that I did with a home birth!

K. Kimball

Giving birth at home was an incredibly empowering experience. I was so grateful to be supported in birthing at my own natural pace, in my own way. Most importantly, I was grateful to be in Jenna's good and experienced hands, hands that have helped ease three thousand babies into the world. What could we throw at her that she hadn't seen before? I trusted her skill and judgement completely, and she helped me trust my body and the awesome process of birth. I've never felt so strong and sure, and though the labor was long, I treasure the memory of it. As a bonus, our baby girl got to take her first breaths in an atmosphere of peace and love, with someone who cared about us as individuals.





I loved giving birth at home and I loved having Jenna as my midwife. I am so grateful and happy that this was our plan and our experience and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Pregnancy and birth are a time of such intimacy and potential growth. I am so glad she accompanied me on this journey. Here are some of the practical, tangible ways that helped make this a great experience;

1. All of our visits were in my home. I was not spending extra time in the car or the waiting room, which made a huge difference in my well-being.

2. Jenna's audio meditation was an excellent tool for relaxation and preperation. What a delight to then have her present during labor and to be soothed by her familiar voice!
3. Her knowledge of herbs and home remedies eased alll the common physical symptoms I experienced during pregnancy and postpartum in a healthy and inexpensive way. 


One of the purposes of prenatal appointments is for the expecting mother and midwife to get to know each other. I'm so glad to know Jenna. She shared herself with me and I grew. She is clear and generous of mind, heart and hands. She is genuine, competent, caring and wise and exudes passion for her work. 


During the birth I needed to feel safe supported and that I did--going into it, going through it and on the other side. Jenna empowered me to give birth to my daughter. I recommend her highly.


We weren't sure where our little one would actually greet the light of day. During my pregnancy we had to make a move from the City, due to the financial market plummeting. Our first two children were born at home and we desired to keep our home birthing tradition. However, it proved to be quite a daunting task to find a midwife in our area. Thankfully we were able to locate Jenna, who agreed to travel a little further than her circuit in order to accommodate us.


I was already well into my pregnancy, but Jenna provided good advice and was available any time I needed to talk to her. I especially appreciated her knowledge and use of herbs and the way she integrated them into my care. Jenna was very understanding and arrived quickly when I called in the middle of the night for what turned out to be a false alarm. When real labor began, she was there as soon as possible, although our little girl decided to make her appearance ten minutes before she arrived!


Jenna was capable, helpful and down-to-earth during the whole process of birth. Our family is grateful for her assistance and or making it possible for our daughter to have a gentle birth.


I had originally intended to deliver in my local hospital, but choosing to have a home birth with Jenna was the best decision I could have made. The prenatal care that I received was excellent and my birth experience could not have been better. Her experience, calm matter and practical advice both during labor and in the subsequent days have been enourmously helpful. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone who is serious about having a home birth.


For me, the experience of a home birth has had many benefits. It has been easier for my older children to adjust to their younger sibling--having Mom around has definitely been less stressful for them. The ability to stay close to my newborn son in a safe and familiar environment has dramatically improved the initial bonding and breastfeeding experiences.


I have been much less stressed and as a result the whole family has transitioned well. 







Jennifer Houston




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