As a midwife, my role is to provide my experience and knowledge and to support and respond to the needs of women and their families. Offering my advice and council when needed and respecting the rights of woman and of couple as decision makers.


I work with informed women who choose homebirth and take responsibility for that choice, women who want a partnership with shared and informed decision making.

During prenatal care I offer all standard tests and lab work as well as ultrasound, discussing the pros and cons of each available test. Parents can opt to decline any tests they choose--I support parents informed decisions.


During birth my role is to provide responsible attention and presence and am available 24/7. I work closely with others on the birth team and respond to needs as they arise.


I will be present, supportive, nurturing and encouraging. Keeping a watchful eye, recognizing and managing complications when they occasionally arise.



My Responsibilities


- To have total integrity in my work 


- Be skilled in midwifery care and life saving skills (such as treatment of postpartum bleeding and infant resuscitation)


- Provide necessary skills, equipment, timely emergency response, stabilization and transfer in the rare case of an emergency.


- Provide information and resources to make shared decisions. Respecting the parents right to have access to or decline any or all tests and procedures that are the standard of care.


- Maintain required continuing education in my field


- 24/7 availability unless informed of my absence and provided with adequate back-up care.



"The role of a midwife is to nurture, encourage, and be fully present while keeping a watchful eye, recognizing and managing complications when they occasionally arise.""

"Midwives understand the wide range of normal and assist with these variations in gentle effective ways, trained in the appropriate use of technology when needed."



Midwife's Role

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